We have run out of our S633 Retro Offset Seamers, Our Casting Vendor to our suprise has given us a lead time of 20-24 weeks. When typically we have a 6 week lead time.  Once we are reasonably confident of a good date to have units to sell, We will post the notification here.
UPDATE: S633's Update or Vendor is telling us they won't have castings until the 1st week of February.

We have done our best not to raise prices over the last two years, as you know most everything has increased significantly in costs. We have absorbed as much as we can for as long as we could.  Unfortuately because we haven't increased our prices incremently along the way, the new tool prices are going to possibly be a shock to most if not all of our customers.  We just can't absorb the costs any longer.  Thank You as always for considering our product for your next tool needs. 


Before Ordering please read the following paragraphs. 
If you live on the West Coast expedited shipping is not necessarily worth it, as Ground shipping typically takes 2 days.  Unless it's residential and/or rural which may take possibly 3 days.  We always suggest if you can recieve your orders at your place of employment, not only is it more secure, chances are you'll recieve the order quicker. 

NOTE: we are small family company.  We are not automated, and everything is done manually and by hand.  We struggle to manage customer service, we understand this is frustrating and apologize for the inconvienance. Most all our time is spent working on manufacturing and the myriad of issues that come with it.   Also note we do not operate this business 24/7. If you Email we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner.   
Our Tools are hand made, therefore it is inevitable that we may take several days up to a week and on some occassions longer to ship your order.   We manually process payment for all our orders, so no charges are processed until the order is ready to ship.  Thank You for your patience and your continued support!

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    Always Made in the USA by American Hands! However, unfortuantely we we can't always confirm where the Raw Materials are from.